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SENTRYSIX Defense Group

Jireh K-9 is truly the leader in providing quality detection canines. Our firm exclusively uses Jireh K-9and we wouldn't trust anyone else. The canines Jireh provides have been been responsible for some of the largest narcotics seizures in south Texas! We highly recommend!

Zack K
11-21-2019 10:25:55 PM CST

Very good organization owned and operated by someone that truly has a heart and love for the pups and goes out of his way to ensure nobody is left behind and gets exactly what they ask for! I will recommend this organization to others as it was a very good experience and very informational!!!

Whitt Brooks
09-05-2019 10:36:17 AM CST
I have worked with these guys for a few years now . They have the experience and knowledge to get the job done! Great teamwork all the way around .

Jim angott   jim@cirrusoutdoors.com
09-05-2019 10:10:42 AM CST

I had the privileged of spending time at a JIREH K9 training session last year in San Antonio, Texas. The professionalism and dedication to the K-9's and handlers is unparalleled. They used our product in training and allowed us to get some awesome photos.