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Adam Estes
03-03-2023 6:37:22 PM CST

Ramiro and Jireh K-9 academy is just awesome. Ramiro is a great guy and awesome instructor who is very knowledgeable in what he teaches. I was very proud to be able to go to his school and very proud to become the proud owner of one of his puppies. Mischa is a great dog and is doing awesome. I recommend anyone who is looking for a K-9 academy look no further.

Jesse Garza   jesseg12@icloud.com
04-02-2022 9:19:50 AM CST
Had such a great an amazing experience with Jireh-K9. Ramiro is such an awesome instructor and made sure we left with the best understanding with our experience in K9… He raises great working dogs for any new comers to pick up on training. I am very satisfied with my new K-9 I took home, I look forward to great outcomes with my very own K-9 from his academy. Highly recommend his services!! 5 stars for sure !!

John M
06-25-2021 11:21:31 AM CST
My experience with Jireh K-9 and their amazing team, is amazing. I was lucky enough to meet Ramiro Guzman when I, was a really new police officer. Ramiro taught me so much in our short time working together. When I was selected as my former departments newest handler, we decided to go with Jireh K-9. Best decision that department ever made.

E. Guidry
06-22-2021 7:03:27 PM CST

Jireh K-9 goes above and beyond for it's customers. Jireh K-9 produces quality dogs, premium training and is always available train, coach, and mentor handlers. My partner is 3 years into his detection career and Jireh K-9 regularly checks in with me to see how we are doing. An honest company that does the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Jan Tyson-Haffelder   angel041402@yahoo.com
06-17-2021 1:04:29 PM CST
Although Dutch Shepherd Badger did not make the program, we love him. He is very smart and you can tell he is so willing to learn and please. He is a loyal, protective dog. Thank you.

SENTRYSIX Defense Group

Jireh K-9 is truly the leader in providing quality detection canines. Our firm exclusively uses Jireh K-9and we wouldn't trust anyone else. The canines Jireh provides have been been responsible for some of the largest narcotics seizures in south Texas! We highly recommend!

Zack K
11-21-2019 10:25:55 PM CST

Very good organization owned and operated by someone that truly has a heart and love for the pups and goes out of his way to ensure nobody is left behind and gets exactly what they ask for! I will recommend this organization to others as it was a very good experience and very informational!!!

Whitt Brooks
09-05-2019 10:36:17 AM CST
I have worked with these guys for a few years now . They have the experience and knowledge to get the job done! Great teamwork all the way around .

Jim angott   jim@cirrusoutdoors.com
09-05-2019 10:10:42 AM CST

I had the privileged of spending time at a JIREH K9 training session last year in San Antonio, Texas. The professionalism and dedication to the K-9's and handlers is unparalleled. They used our product in training and allowed us to get some awesome photos.

JIREH K-9 Training Academy

307 Homeridge Dr.
La Vernia, Texas 78121
(210) 379-1396