The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is the premier Public Safety & Police K-9 training center in the State of Texas.  Our Police K-9 Training Team has proudly served law enforcement agencies and private security firms since 2011.  JIREH K-9 is one of the very few Police K-9 Training Academies that is Veteran and Police Officer owned & operated.

The Police K-9 Training Team at The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is made up of active Texas Peace Officers and Certified Police Instructors.  Our highly trained team of Instructors have the REAL WORLD knowledge and experience to set you up for success.

The JIREH K-9 Training Academy has preconditioned and trained some of the finest and most productive Police K-9 Units in The State of Texas and across The Nation.  Our award-winning working dogs are responsible for some of the largest and most significant drug and money seizures in recent history.  JIREH K-9 is proven equipped and capable to build a successful K-9 Unit within your organization. 


The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is conveniently located 10 minutes east of  San Antonio, in beautiful La Vernia, TexasOur 3 acre training headquarters is fully equipped to house and train Police K-9 prospects.  Our military grade working dog kennels are built to withstand South Texas summers and the coldest of the winters months. 

The 60X60 workshop on The K-9 Training grounds helps Police K-9 Trainers establish a strong and solid foundation in working dog prospects.  This enclosed, indoor building is fully furnished for real life training scenarios, equipped with an elevated table for confidence building in bite work and also serves and an environmental conditioning space.  
























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