As Police K9 Handlers and Trainers, the staff at JIREH K9 has first hand experience with the budgeting constraints law enforcement agencies are faced with.  Year after fiscal year too many agencies push back the idea of adding a K9 Unit to their ranks for nothing more than lack of funding.  The implementation of a working dog has never been more of a necessity for law enforcement agencies of any size.

As a result, JIREH K9 has developed working relationships with quality working dog breeders, dog rehabilitation programs, rescue missions, and everyday dog owners who's dogs are simply not cut out to be house pets.  Through this partnership we've been able to evaluate and select dogs that possess the drives and natural characteristics for Police K9 training.  With the help of our trusted partners and the Police K9 Trainers at JIREH K9, we've been successful in implementing "The Police K9 Grant Program" Our mission is to place working dogs into organizations where a need exists but, funds are limited or non-existent for a K9 Unit.  




We're glad you asked!  It's simple...Apply for the grant...Gain approval... Receive a FREE working dog.  That's right, FREE!  Because most of our partners in this initiative will donate prospective working dogs to us, in turn we can donate them to you.  The only cost your agency would be responsible for is the amount for K9 Handler training and lodging for the duration of your training course. 

Due to the very high volume of applicants for this program, K9s cannot be reserved but the agency can choose from working dogs that are available at the time of course registrations. Check out our full training schedule projected through the end of the year and reserve your seat in training today!!





K9 Bandit
Narcotics Detection
AGE: 2
SEX: Male (Neutered)
BREED: Belgian Shepherd
TRAINING: Narcotics Detection
STATUS: In Training
LOCATION: JIREH K9 Training Academy/ La Vernia, Texas

K9 Bandit came to JK9 by way of the City of Schertz, Texas ACS.  Bandit has an extreme toy drive and intense desire to search for the toy from a hidden area.  Police K9 Trainers at JIREH K9 conducted an evaluation of Bandit and determined that he is a more than suitable candidate for detection training.  Our goal for Bandit is to grant him to a public safety organization that has a need for a detector dog but limited funding.  If you think K9 Bandit is a good fit for your organization, please complete the K9 Grant Application for further consideration. Good Luck!



K9 Hector
Narcotics & Firearms Detection
AGE: 1.5
BREED: Lab/Terrier Mix
SEX: Male (Neutered)
TRAINING: Narcotics & Firearms Detection
STATUS: In Training
LOCATION: JIREH K9 Training Academy, La Vernia, Texas

K9 Hector came to us from WBK9 in Weatherford, Texas.  WBK9 trainers noticed Hector's intense drives and desire to work and decided to give him a chance at a career in Police K9.  Upon evaluating Hector we concluded that he is the perfect candidate for our training program here at JIREH K9.  Hector has been imprinted in narcotics and firearms.  Our goal for Hector is to place him in an educational law enforcement or security setting.  ISD, SRO, School Safety & Security etc...  If you think Hector would be a good fit for your organization, please complete the K9 Grant Application for further consideration.  Good Luck!


How to Donate

The Police K9 Grant Program was established for law enforcement agencies with very limited or no budgets for a K9 Unit.  Our goal is to off-set the cost of a working dog to make it possible for organizations to receive a dog at no cost.  While the agency will be responsible for the cost of K9 handler training and lodging, any participating organization would be saving in excess of $9,000.00 with a free dog. 

Our trainers are constantly searching for Police K9 prospects that have what it takes to make our training program.  We are always looking for opportunities to establish working relationships with working dog breeders, rescue missions or pet owners who's dogs were built for something more.  Our professional trainers will evaluate your dogs at no cost to determine their eligibility.  If you feel you have a dog that is up for the challenge and, wanting to donate that dog to our program, contact one of our Police K9 Trainers to schedule an appointment.  

Help us help those men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our communities.  All and any monetary donations received will go towards K9 health care & Veterinarian costs, preventative maintenance, dog training equipment, dog food & nutritional essentials, and travel costs for evaluating and transporting dogs from outside of our local area.  We hope that you would consider donating to this great cause and, help us put K9s to work.



Application for Police K9 Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in The Police K9 Grant Program!  We hope to have to opportunity to serve you and your agency in the near future.  Complete the application form below.  Please be as thorough and accurate as possible.  One of our customer service representatives will contact you upon receipt of your application.  Thanks again and good luck!


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Name of Dog Applying For:

How many K9s does your agency currently employ?:

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