The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is a US VETERAN & ACTIVE TEXAS PEACE OFFICER OWNED AND OPERATED, Police and Security K9 Training Service.  Our staff is comprised of former and current Law Enforcement Officers and U.S. Military personnel.

The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is conveniently located just east of San Antonio in beautiful La Vernia, Texas.


The JIREH K-9 Training Academy has placed working dogs is some of the largest and most prestigious law enforcement agencies in in the nation.



The JIREH K-9 Training Academy is very proud to have pre-conditioned and trained some of the most productive and reputable working dogs in The State of Texas and across the US. 



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Our priority is to exceed the worldwide standard for working dog training and handler education, while maintaining affordability. Call JIREH K-9 today for information about our available working dogs and upcoming K-9 training events. 

INFO@JIREHK9.COM(210) 379-1396

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